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Justice is symbolized by two even scales, by the world at a state of equilibrium: a balance of good and bad. Does this mean peace is found when right and wrong measure fairly against each other? Libras are characterized by this symbol as well, however, they are not without faults. An unevolved Libra can fall into the pit of being likable and agreeable this sign is known to play both sides and placate wrongs. My approach to justice is violent, like the symbol of my sign, Aries: the ram, horns. There is no sense to me in playing both sides. To me there is truth, there are rights, and there is the absence of these things. I believe in being loud, being firm, and allowing the truth of my imperfections and complicities in injustice to be on display. Where there is a scale, there must be a war to add power and lead to a side one believes is right, to move closer to an even scale, which now is so drastically pushed to the murder and raping of those oppressed.

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