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To be a 'delulu' girl is in formal terms to be a delusional girl. Delusion:  a belief that is clearly false and that indicates an abnormality in the affected person's content of thought. Yet, who has coined these terms of what is normal and abnormal? The classification of mental disorders was created under a heavy lens of patriarchy, which benefits no gender. To claim thoughts to be delusion strips a mind of dignity and sometimes intuition and synchronicity with the moon's cycles or at the very least devalues a world in which no two minds are alike. From paranoia to obsessive infatuations my mind has felt like a betrayal to my sanity, but the reprimanding I have felt from a society that places neurotypical thinking on a pedestal, I have felt a worse betrayal. I accept the 'delulu' mind and approach my dreams with blind faith and my nervousness with compassion. Fighting neurodivergence only severs the body and mind and that is not a relationship I intend to cultivate.

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