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Experimental Artist

Magic is inherent in the very manifestation of its existence. It proclaims its stake in the micro and the macro. It is both around and in us. These facets feed into each other, and we inform the world around us through our actions toward others and within our own physical space. Our thoughts may betray us, trauma is inflicted against us, and a tear slowly rolls down our cheek. But sex is divine, as we are held, we find ourselves in the earth of another’s eyes, and we always go on. All of these relationships point towards one end: a celebration of triumphs (if we allow ourselves to see and experience them). While the spirits always persist, spirituality is placid. Our openness to a love that is infinite and the realization that we ourselves are magic allows healing to occur. I center these beliefs when creating works of art. I orchestrate from a hunger to express and the desire to rewrite my ritual of life from mundane to truly exhilarating. I aim to feel deeply and leave no part of myself in the dark, to understand my body so I might create magic from within, from the root of myself—a light that may flicker, but never burn out.

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